Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Suspended Coffee - An ispirational story I want to share.

A dear friend of mine posted this inspirational story on his Facebook page. The story was in Italian, I wanted to translate it for all of you.
I admire those people in Italy who started the "caffe' sospeso" tradition.
I hope and wish this story can touch your hearts and and that we find a way to get it started here in the States.

This story will warm you up better than a cup of coffee on a cold winter day.

While my friend and I are waiting for the coffees we ordered, two people come in the coffee shop and order "five coffees please, two for us and three suspended".
"What are suspended coffees?" I asked to my friend. "Wait and see" he answered.
Two girls come in and order the "famous" suspended coffee.
The next order is made by three lawyers, seven coffees, three for them and four suspended.
While I am wondering what is the advantage of the suspended coffees, I am enjoying the sun and the view of the square in front of the coffee shop.
Suddenly, a man dressed in raggedy clothes, looks like a beggar, comes in the coffee shop and kindly ask "do you have a suspended coffee?"

It's so simple, to pre-pay this coffee, is giving a chance to someone who cannot afford a warm meal. The tradition of the "Caffe' Sospeso" started in Naples, Italy and it is spreading around the world. In some places not only you can order a coffee, but also a sandwich or an entire meal. Starbucks UK embraced the Suspended Coffee program, customer can purchase coffee to be donated to the homeless. Let's promote it here too.

Please share this story.

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